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WSB - Wealth Start Business is a program designed to enable people around the globe to generate income, the most convenient and easy way, spending only 15 minutes per day watching advertising from advertisers globally. We aim to enable all members to generate a decent amount of income with the least amount of time of under 30 minutes per day but earn as much as $11,912.50 per month or more, depending on the achieved level.

Our main goal is to create at least 100 Millionaires until March 2017. This may sound a big claim, but the way we designed WSB, it is actually easy for anyone to become one of the 100 Millionaires since you will not only be able to earn only $11,912.50 per month but actually over $30,000 per month after having completed all 4 levels in your WSB account.

As you see from our Home page, you will have daily task of just under 30 minutes per day with an avarage of 15 minutes, clicking and watching advertising from advertisers. This task will open up your income and your income will increase to the amount of up to $11,912.50 per month, as you will be getting paid from the activities of your referrals as well.

Additionally, we have designed WSB to give you additional referrals who will be placed in your downline from which you will earn, no matter who referred them. Your only goal during the pre-launch is to refer as many others as possible sharing your WSB link in your social network accounts such as facebook, twitter etc. You main income will be coming from the activities of your downline.

You will be paid through several different ways, such as Payza, ACH, Bank Wire and via Debitcard. As you advance in your levels, your payment options will increase as well and after entering level-2, you will be able to select the Debitcard payment option and you will receive your Global Mastercard through which you will be paid and you can access your income directly on any ATM Worldwide.

When you register your WSB account, you will be asked to create your payment accounts after you logged in to your WSB account in your profile settings and once you registered your initial payment accounts, you are then ready to receive your earnings, and as you advance in your levels, you will be requested to register your additional earnings payment accounts which you will then be able to register.

WSB - Wealth Start Business is designed to generate income for everyone around the Globe for doing daily tasks of under 30 minutes and it's free! To earn up to $11,912.50 or even more per month with WSB, you will be doing things which you do right now anyway but nobody pays you for it.

We are dedicated to help as many people as possible to generate income for living and create Lifestyle for themselfes for free and without having to spend any money out of pocket. All you need is your dedication to commit under 30 minutes per day doing your daily task and to invite as many others as possitble to increase your monthly income of up to $11,912.50 or more.

Register your WSB account and start inviting as many others as possible! - Because it's YOUR FREE INCOME!

Every person can have only 1 WSB - Wealth Start Business account. However, if you have family members and friends who wants to register an account as well, they may register their WSB account using your referral link and become your referral.

You are not limited in referring family members as long as they are at least 18 years, and it is recommended to help anyone to become member of WSB and to generate income for themselfes as well. Referring others will benefit you additionally in earnings and increase your income from their activities.